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What is Startup Factory?

We are a Brussels-based studio dedicated to building and incubating new ventures. We believe in creating an ecosystem for founders and entrepreneurs to harness their ideas and transform them into concrete action plans without being held back by resource constraints.  

Join us as we fast-track the startup cycle.

Together with talented entrepreneurs and founders, we leverage our studio agency to fast-track the startup cycle. There will no doubt be uphill battles, which is why we don't want you to go it alone. We help break down walls (literally, if necessary).

Catching fish
who go against the flow

We don't set out to create a need, we respond to a need in the market with actionable steps and a small but mighty team to back you up. Are you up for the challenge?

Let's start breaking
down barriers together.

We had the guts to position ourselves differently from the start. We're not cold-blooded. We don't give up. The project doesn't fit the market? Shit happens, it's part of the game. We pivot quickly and adapt our solutions.

Entrepreneurial benefits

You can go it alone, but with our studio, we will nudge you along when the going gets tough and make sure your venture gets off the ground and running. It is not an easy road and not made for everyone. Are you Founder material?

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