From ideas to business.

Our process.

1. Founder fit

We always have new projects in the pipeline ready to be launched. We are simply looking for the right captain to steer the ship.

2. Incubation

Get an initial 30K to incubate your ideas the first 3 months, gain traction with the goal of converting your initial paying clients.

3. Market fit

Unlock 100K and start building a team, testing your product or offering, and onboard a smart investor.

4. Acceleration

At this stage, we will not be very involved at an operational level, but will remain as active board members.

Do you have what it takes?


We want projects that can be validated on the market within 3 months time.


We believe investing too early in heavy tech and product builds can point to failure.


We love businesses that are operational, service oriented, with a tangible component at its core.


We do not build biotech or deep tech companies.


We have corporate partners ready to team up with projects from Day 1.

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Our services


Sales & business dev.

Converting first paying customers is our obsession. The only real way to validate your value proposition. The market defines the product and our team is here to make it happen.

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We help you create an initial landing page through a working MVP to answer market needs.

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Growth hacking

Convert your early adopters to identify product-market fit. We guide you through the right tools to build early traction on your campaigns.

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Legal & administration

We offer a complete legal stack and administrative services during the first years of your company's growth.

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We dedicate time and resources to recruiting the best CEOs to define the right profile for your initial team.

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We help you craft an investment strategy, guide you in mastering the art of pitching and introduce you to early-stage investors.

Our team


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How much equity do I get?

We split equity equally between Startup Factory and the founding team.

Can founders pay themselves a salary?

We guarantee that Founders can invoice an equivalent of 50K€/year.  Funds will initially be covered by Startup Factory and later by the company that is created after successful fundraising.

What exactly does your Studio provide?

Our small agency provides hands-on operational support including branding, web design, marketing & sales, legal & administrative and financial support.

Do your corporate partners own any of the startup's equity?

Our model is based on not having the corporate partners directly in the equity of our companies. They sometimes hold a call option to acquire the company at predefined conditions agreed upfront between all the parties.

Do you have in-house tech developers?

No, we firmly believe there should be no wasted resources in expensive code builds in the first 6 months of the businesses we launch.

How much fundraising can we expect in the launched venture?

Once agreed upon KPIs are met, we guarantee a 100k equity investment that is often matched by another 100k convertible note from public funds we partner with.